Treasury Wine Estate

  • For A behind the scenes look at how the ATL creative campaign came together for Rosemount Estate brand.

Late in 2014, Rosemount Wines (a well-known Australian everyday wine) began a brand refresh. Once a power brand, it had been beaten down by so many new players in the market. Isolated and lacked relevance within the broader TWE brands portfolio, our mission was to place Rosemount back on top as a serious contender in the “everyday contentment” space.

The concept was simple, dial up the contentment moments across the range. This was not an easy task considering the low energy of the drinking moment. We found the honest truth in those moments and flaunted it. Our campaign line was simply “Breathe, Sip, Savour.”

The clip here is the “making of” the final photo shoots and design stages for the ATL press and outdoor creative, completed in January 2015.