Berocca – integrated case study

In 2013, Bayer wanted to position Berocca as an every day solution to low energy rather than an occasional hangover cure. The insight – generally 18-40 year rely on caffeine for the heart-starter and didn’t see Berocca (a caffeine free vitamin drink) as a potential alternative to coffee for increased daily energy. Also, yawning is a sign of tiredness, Yawning is highly infectious. When we see others yawning, our empathetic nature usually gets the best of us and we start to yawn to.

Solution – play to the power of empathy by illustrating a yawning co-worker and a shocking headline – “Smash the Yawn”.

The idea was simple. Get people to yawn and you have given shoppers a reason to test the product benefit (more energy). We targeted our audience on facebook with a challenge. Can you smash the yawn? If you accepted your device camera was used to see your face during the challenge. A 30 second video of someone yawning was show to you, if you could last without yawning, and posted your result to your friends, you would retrieve a free twist-and-go Berocca energy drink.

This same idea could be adapted into a digital bus shelter to capture commuter at peak times on public transport.

A fun free gift was the “smash the yawn” Berocca alarm clock. The concept was you picked a “Yawn” (slow) song from your music library to wake up to. If you snoozed or let the slow song play to long it was dramatically replaced with a “Smash” (heavy) song from you music library with increasing volume.

18-27 years old shoppers were more likely to gravitate to a single use option and also more likely to shop at smaller format convenience stores. This was a perfect place to continue the “smash the yawn “ story with Berocca’s “twist and go” energy drink. Small counter top fridges were designed with clear animated digital screens replacing the door glass to show yawning faces, swing tags on the bottles reminded customers of the benefit, while off locations could benefit from a sampling machine activated via mobiles or social currency.

The campaign would go live around school holidays, a prime time for consuming energy drinks related to road travel. To reach the older range in our target market, those who took road trips or had young families, we would team up with lions clubs who man the driver-reviver roadside stations nationwide, and offer Twist-and-go as a sampling opportunity.

This would be backed up by promoting offers during the same period at other touch points, like major hotel chain minibars and petrol stations.