Visualising for pitchs

3D renders and mac visuals can feel final and sterile. Scamps are friendlier, a little less set-in-stone, which can open the door for collaboration and faster acceptance of the concept by the client.

My goal when doing scamps is to let the human engagement with an activation shine through. Fun and warmth go along way to helping a brand manager feel comfortable approving a concept and taking it to the next level.

Toyota – “Millionaires” Dealers Event concept.
Agency: Tribe

Weetbix – Breakfast with the all-blacks.
Agency: Momentum

Virgin money – Mall activation idea.
Agency: BWM

Ribena – Mall activation idea.
Agency: One Partners

Coke recycle beach booth.
Agency: Momentum

Nicorette – Initial concept visual for campaign.
Agency: Imagination

Recycle campaign for Coke.
Agency: Momentum

Initial concept visual for “Summer Rewind” promotion – Schweppes

Ruffs – dog park angels.
Agency: DemoPlus

Pure Blonde – pub chillout area.
Agency: Momentum

Nintendo – Mall activation idea.
Agency: The Station Agency

Key visual for Monteiths Cider

OLAY Regenerist – Lease line display concept.
Agency: Landor

OLAY Regenerist – instore display.
Agency: Landor

Weight Watches – event concepts.
Agency: Momentum

Weight watches – event activation.
Agency: Momentum

Category piece for Coles and Lindt chocolate.
Agency: Creative Activation

AMEX – Sky Lounge concept.
Agency: Momentum

Tropfest – mobile activation idea.
Agency: Momentum

XXXX – Summer activation for the XXXX Angels.
Agency: Momentum

Coke – summer activation idea for Bondi beach.
Agency: Momentum

XXXX Summer bright – activation idea.
Agency: Momentum

Hungry jacks – Prize idea. Agency: Momentum

Panadol Extra – Grocery POS unit concept and key visual.
Agency: Now

Chocolate Category for Coles.
Agency: Creative Activation